Original V Series

Light Signals Penguin Soldier
English - Japanese


Name Light Signals Penguin Soldier
Kanji 発光信号のペンギン兵
Kana はっこうしんごうのペンギンへい
Phonetic Hakkō Shingō no Pengin Hei
Grade / Skill Grade 1 / Sk boost Boost
Power Power icon 5000
Critical Critical icon 1
Shield Shield icon 5000
Nation Co mega Magallanica
Clan Aqua Force
Race High Beast
Formats Premium Standard / G Standard
Illust 三好載克
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
They are the foundation for the battle plan, as well as being the battle plan itself.
Card Effect(s)
[AUTO]:[Soul Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card.
Tournament Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
KR Unlimited
TH Unlimited
IT Unlimited
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