Machining Stag Beetle

The "Machinings" (マシニング Mashiningu) are a series of cards that include "Machining" in its card name exclusive to the Megacolony clan. They were first introduced in Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1. Originally they focused on gaining benefits from having Machining units in the soul, but with the support from Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth they now focus more on "Paralyzing" units like the rest of the clan and also focus on the ability to stop your opponent's Vanguard from standing.


Machining Insect is...

The generic term for mechanical insects created by the scientists of the criminal organization Megacolony by enhancing and improving their fellow insects through super science. Many of those who have been subjected to the surgical enhancements have had their destructive tendencies amplified, and many are recorded to have far more aggressive and destructive personalities than before. Because the research subjects after the first batch are heavily controlled and monitored, what kind of research and studies are done now are completely unknown.

List of "Machining" cards

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