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Top Idol, Pacifica

Mega Blast (メガブラスト Megaburasuto) is an official term used to describe an kind of skill which requires this cost: [Soul Blast (8) & Counter Blast (5)] .

Normally, Counter Blasting 5 damage means you can't use any other Counter Blast skills throughout the game. However, there are methods that can help you unflip damages, therefore giving you the chance of using Mega Blast in a deck that utilises Counter Blasts. With some luck, a Heal trigger can help recover damage for you to use.

All units so far that have access to a Mega Blast follow a certain pattern, namely;

  • Grade 3 Units with 10000 Base Power.
  • Have (VC) only skill which, at the start of your Main Phase, Soul Charge and activates an additional effect (commonly giving the activating unit +2000 Power for the rest of the turn).
    • Some of these units have additional skills (such as CEO Amaterasu).

Originally, Mega Blast skills can be activated from (RC) alongside (VC), but starting from Booster Set 6: Breaker of Limits, new Mega Blast units only have Mega Blast that activates on (VC).

Some Mega Blast unit like Stil Vampir doesn't have a clan restriction, therefore it could be splashed in Extreme Fight decks.

List of Mega Blast cards

Angel Feather

Bermuda Triangle

Dark Irregulars

Dimension Police


Gold Paladin





Nova Grappler

Oracle Think Tank

Pale Moon

Royal Paladin

Shadow Paladin

Spike Brothers


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