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"Megacolony" (メガコロニー Megakoronī) is a clan from the nation of Zoo. It is a crime syndicate made entirely of sentient insects. Their primary mechanic revolves around "paralyzing" the opponent's units, preventing them from standing during their next stand phase, which in turn prevents them from boosting or attacking. Starting from Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth, paralyzing can affect the units in the Vanguard circle. They also have a few skills that retire the opponent's grade 1 rear-guards to further reduce their boosting capacity.

Osamu Kishida uses this clan in the animeKawanami Minami uses this clan in the manga, focusing on the Machinings series.

During the Episode 94, Kyou Yahagi uses a Megacolony deck to fight against Leon Soryu's Aqua Force after he found the power of insects while in the jungle.

During the Episode 166, Morris Pennyworth uses this clan, also focusing on Machinings series.

During the G Episode 39: Solar Eclipse a Rank A dogfighter uses this clan, which focuses on Intimidating Mutant, Darkface to Gigaparalyze. Also, he utilizes Force Spear Mutant Deity, Stun Beetle to prevent standing and riding the vanguard.

In Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate, Sousuke Wakamizu uses this clan, focusing on Intimidating Mutant, Darkface.


What is Megacolony?

Megacolony is a criminal society of evil whose secret base is located somewhere in the verdant nation of "Zoo"! At the top of their organization is their boss they refer to as their "Queen", while their subordinates consist of loyal insect-like yet intelligent mutants and mechanically remodeled insects, meaning they have hordes of troops to fall back on! Armed robbery. Weapons and drug trafficking. Kidnapping. Smuggling. etc. They perform every conceivable systematic crime, they are an army of terror!

Although the police of every nation and security organization continues to search for the headquarters of Megacolony, they are masters of protective coloration, hiding things like an army of insects and their countless underground bases are simple tasks, discovering their true headquarters has been incredibly difficult.

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  • This is one of the only two clans, along with Bermuda Triangle, that consists entire of one race (in this case, Insect).
  • Megacolony is one of 13 clans which does not have at least one Яeverse unit.
  • Paralyze effects that give the paralyzed units detrimental effects such as allowing the opponent to draw or being unable to intercept is called "Gigaparalyze" in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.
  • As well as Pale Moon, there is a card of this clan that appeared in the manga whose name was never revealed.
Unnamed Megacolony Card

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