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"Megacolony" (メガコロニー Megakoronī) is a clan from the Zoo nation. It is a crime syndicate made entirely of sentient insects. Their primary mechanic revolves around "paralyzing" the opponent's units, preventing them from standing during their next stand phase, which in turn prevents them from boosting or attacking. Starting from Booster Set 15: Infinite Rebirth, Paralyzing can affect the units in the Vanguard circle. They also have a few skills that retire the opponent's grade 1 rear-guards to further reduce their boosting capacity.

Osamu Kishida uses this clan in the animeKawanami Minami uses this clan in the manga, focusing on the Machinings series.

During the Episode 94, Kyou Yahagi uses a Megacolony deck to fight against Leon Soryu's Aqua Force after he found the power of insects while in the jungle.

During the Episode 166, Mores Pennyworth uses this clan, also focusing on Machinings series.

Sets containing Megacolony cards

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List of Megacolony cards

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  • This is one of the only two clans, along with Bermuda Triangle, that consists entire of one race (in this case, Insect).
  • The action of paralyze two or more units is called "Gigaparalyze" in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.
  • As well as Pale Moon, there is a card in this clan that appeared in the manga whose name was never revealed.
Unnamed Megacolony Card

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