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  • I think you analysis on domination was great. Just i didnt want to continue off that thread which seems there's a little too much debating over there.

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    • 'Blue Flames beat everything'


      (Blaster Blade my avatar tho)

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    • @Ferrow

      If you're going to use Luard and Gurguit as example decks that are also working well against those "slow control decks", then it's fairly implied that Generation break in general is not what you're really aiming for.

      Also, Gear Chronicle basically only maindecks that 8k G2 for any sort of control, they're a very aggressive deck that's focused on pushing damage on gaining card advantage through draw power.

      Furthermore, Amanda is not a bonus for Silver Thorns. Looking to her for aggression on the first stride is generally why ST have a pretty big stride turn fall-off. They're very on-hit reliant with basically everything, which means as soon as the opponent unlocks their massive G deck advantage engines that they just suffer. They don't have any ways to draw free cards, nor do they have super reliable offense/great utility on first stride like other decks around.

      Silver Thorns basically have to snowball off a great early game to win with how bad their stride turns are. It can also be a pain to get a good early game off if you're unlucky enough to wiff on Maricica for your G2 turn, because all of your other G2's are basically gonna be vanilla.

      Lastly, some talk about flaws of their other strides. Venus is overcosted comes off as kind of awkward to use. ST can also find it kind of difficult to budget CB for Fairfield, it makes her less of an option and more of a 1/100 chance of being useful, she's held down by a trillion random facotrs making her worse. Lunatec is a bit awkward with ST as well. He's basically just crit pressure. You need to have a Zelma in hand and Lion on board to make him barely worthwhile. Luquier strider's first skill makes her 21k when boosted by a G1 already, so add 4k from an optimal Luquier + Cernay, and it's still only 25k. Doesn't break the next number. in that case.

      Their only strides that're really consistantly good, can never go wrong with it are Mystique Luquier and Milward.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Silver Thorn Dragon Queen, Luquier "Reverse" page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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