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Icon Narukami

Narukami Emblem

Kai Narukami

"Narukami" (なるかみ Narukami) is a clan from the Dragon Empire. They were first introduced in Trial Deck 6: Resonance of Thunder Dragon. Like Kagerō, Narukami focuses on retiring the opponent's rear-guards. However, while Kagerō has a defensive, pressure-based playstyle, Narukami has an offensive playstyle, as many of their cards involve preventing the opponent's rear-guards from intercepting, retiring front-row rearguards, and gaining large amounts of power and critical, Meaning, Narukami is more focused on high-risk abilities than Kagero. In Vanguard G, Narukami has a bit more of a Nubatama-esque playstyle, with cards that can bind cards permanently. They also received a new clan specific keyword skill, "Thunderstrike".

Toshiki Kai and Taishi Miwa used the Narukami clan for the entirety of Season 2 of the anime after the Kagero clan (along with the Royal Paladin and Shadow Paladin clans) were sealed away. Toshiki Kai continued to use this clan until early Season 3, when he switched to Link Joker and later back to Kagerō in Season 4. Naoki Ishida also used the Narukami clan in Season 3, and Season 4, focusing first on the Eradicators and later on the Brawlers.

In Cardfight!! Vanguard G, Takeru Baba uses Eradicators, while Ryutaro Oyama, the "Narukami Clan Leader" uses Vanquisher. In Cardfight!! Vanguard G: NEXT, Henri Hayao also uses a Narukami deck based around Vanquisher.

Sets containing Narukami cards

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List of Narukami cards

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  • Narukami in Japanese means "Resounding God", which is often associated with thunder.
    • In legend, an acolyte named Narukami becomes the thunder god after being tricked by Taema-hime, as told in the kabuki Narukami.
    • Many of the Narukami units use lightning-based attacks.
  • Some of the unit names are taken from Chinese novels (in Japanese pronunciations), such as Journey to the West (e.g. Kohkaiji (紅孩兒 Honghaier)), Water Margin (e.g. Linchu (林冲 Lin Chong), Soh Koh (宋江 Song Jiang)) and Investiture of the Gods (e.g. Nata (哪吒 Nezha), Kohiko (黄飞虎 Huang Feihu)).
  • Some of the unit names are taken from Hindu myths, such as Indra, Vishnu, and Vritra.

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