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Neo Nectar

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"Neo Nectar" (ネオネクタール Neo Nekutāru) is a clan from the nation of Zoo. Neo Nectar generates the largest share of all produce, as well as grains, among the six major nations.

Neo Nectar focuses on calling units from the deck, often by calling copies of their rear-guards, allowing them to easily fill and mantain their formation without the need to call many units from the hand. Many units also gain benefits from having copies of the same unit on the battlefield, usually by giving power boosts.

Mai Tobita used this clan in Season 1, Team Battle Weeds also used this clan in Season 2, Maki Nagashiro used this clan focused on Reverse unit in Season 3, Raul Cera from the Quatre Knights used this clan focused on Legion Thule & Martina in Season 4 . Tokoha Anjou uses this clan in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.

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What is Neo Nectar?

It is a group composed of sentient plants who work at production and transportation of crops. The group locates its headquarter in the green nation "Zoo", known for its rich nature. Outside the nation, Neo Nectar is mostly treated as a "trading company" which participates in businesses like export of food, but with regard to the values of "Zoo"'s residents, Neo Nectar is recognized as a "tiny state" ruled by the Guardian Dragon. Highly intelligent bioroids and the spirits of trees known as dryads belong to this group, and they work hard to maintain the natural environment. Their behavioural principle is "bloom magnificiently, grow staunchly, and propagate widespreadly". As one of their activities, they export food and seeds to nations of Cray, and as a result they control over 40% of food production in the world. They are said to have a big say among the nations in alliance, including the holy nation.

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