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Neo Nectar (ネオネクタール Neo Nekutāru) is a clan from the Zoo nation. Neo Nectar generates the largest share of all produce, as well as grains, among the six major nations. As a clan, Neo Nectar focuses around Superior Calling units from the Deck through various methods, usually through superior calling copies of their rearguards, allowing them to fill their Rear Guard without the need to call many units from the hand, which in turn leaves them with more options to guard with. Many units also gain benefits from having copies of themselves in the rearguard.

Mai Tobita used this clan in Season 1, Team Weeds also used this clan in Season 2, Maki Nagashiro used this clan focused on Reverse unit in Season 3, Raul Cera from the Quatre Knights used this clan focused on Legion Thule & Martina in Season 4 . Tokoha Anjou uses this clan in Cardfight!! Vanguard G.

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