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The Nubatama (ぬばたま Nubatama) are a clan from the Dragon Empire nation. Their aesthetic theme is based on ninjas. The first four Nubatama cards, initially released in Booster Set 1: Descent of the King of Knights, were focused on effects forcing the opponent to discard, and increasing their own power if their owner has more cards in hand than his opponent. After this, no more Nubatama cards were released until Booster Set 13: Catastrophic Outbreak, where they were more focused on binding the opponent's cards in their hand and the field, with some cards capable of sending cards from bind zone to drop zone.

Ninja Master M uses this clan in the anime. Kyou Yahagi also uses this clan in the manga; however, four of his cards became a new clan, Murakumo, when they were released in the Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1.

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  • Nubatama(射干玉) are the seeds of Iris Domestica. This word is used as a metaphor of "black".

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