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Oracle think tank

Oracle Think Tank's logo


Several Oracle Think Tank units

"Oracle Think Tank" (オラクルシンクタンク Orakuru Shinku Tanku) is a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. The Oracle Think Tank is a corporation of individuals talented in magic that use their powers to predict the future. They focus less on power and more on intelligence, with cards mechanically themed around hand size, drawing, and looking at the top card(s) of your deck. 


Misaki Tokura uses Oracle Think Tank both in the anime (Season 1 and Season 2) and in the mangaEmi Sendou once used an Oracle Think Tank Trial Deck and Yuri Usui used an Oracle Think Tank deck during Season 2 built around the Battle Sisters. Both Tsuneto Tado and Kumi Okazaki use Oracle Think Tank in Cardfight!! Vanguard G, however, Kumi's deck is based on the Battle Sisters.

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