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Melodica Cat
Name Melodica Cat
Japanese (Kana) ピアニカ・キャット
Phonetic Pianika Kyatto
Translation Pianica Cat
Unit Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 2 / Sk intercept Intercept
Power 9000
Critical ★1
Nation Co zoo Zoo
Clan Great Nature
Race High Beast
Trigger None
Illust 叶之明‎
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
That technique is known to cause the audience to blackout during the solo part.
Card Effect(s)
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)] During your end phase, when this unit is put into your drop zone from (RC), if you have a «Great Nature» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one card named "Recorder Dog", call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.
Tournament Status
ENG Not Limited
JPN Not Limited
KRN Not Limited
Gallery Tips Rulings Lores
Errata Trivia

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