"Riding" (ライド Raido) is the act of placing a unit from a non-circle zone onto your vanguard circle. There are two types of ride regarding effects and game rules: Normal Ride (ノーマルライド Nōmaruraido) and Superior Ride (スペリオルライド Superioruraido). As long as a unit has been moved from a non-circle zone to a circle, then it is considered to be "placed on" (とうじょう Tōjō) that circle, regardless of whether it was truly played or not.

Normal Ride

During the ride step of your ride phase, if there are no effects being resolved at that moment, you may normal ride due to the following form only once per turn.

  1. Choose a card from your hand that is one grade greater than or equal to your vanguard's (or your Legion Leader's grade in such case).
  2. Declare what you're doing ("I ride" for example), place that card on top of all units on your vanguard circle in stand state Stand, then the unit that was placed becomes your new vanguard. However, other states no longer persist on your new vanguard.
  3. All the "when placed on" and "when rides" abilities are activated at the same time, and you chooses which of them will resolve first (by paying any cost required).
  4. All units that was previously on your vanguard circle are put into your soul.

After riding a card, or if you chose not to ride any card, proceed to the stride step of your ride phase.

Superior Ride

Riding a unit on your vanguard circle by using an effect is known and regarded as "Superior Ride", as long as it is specified as such. Due to being an effect, it ignores the grade that your vanguard should have in order to ride normally, unless otherwise specified, also you may ride through effects as many times as possible in any turn's moment. The unit that rode by an effect is always put in stand state Stand unless otherwise specified.


  • Unlike popular beliefs (and anime), White Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinore's act of putting itself on the vanguard circle does not count as riding by game mechanics.
  • In the anime, characters like Toshiki Kai say the phrase "ride the(my/le) vanguard!" while they are riding a new unit.
  • In the manga, all characters include the phrase "The Vanguard!" after saying the card name of the unit.