"Ride Chain" (れんけいライド Renkei Raido, literally "Cooperation Ride" or "Successive ride") is an unofficial term introduced in Booster Set 3: Demonic Lord Invasion which refers to a series of four cards, one of each grade that are supposed to be ridden on top of each other, referenced in each of their cards' texts. While the english name is not official, it has been referred to as "連携ライド" in some sections from the Japanese "Today's Day".


General Details

Ride Chains are a series of four cards, one of each grade, that have a way to support, usually be searching for the next member. The methos of search differs by "generation". Also, almost every Ride Chain features an ability to gain power by having the previous incarnation in the soul.

  • While the grade 1 unit is on the (VC) and there is a copy of the Grade 0 unit of the Ride Chain in the soul, that unit gains enough power to have 8000 Power. 
  • While the grade 2 is on the (VC) and there is a copy of the grade 1 in the soul, it gains enough power to have 10000 Power.
  • While the grade 3 is on the (VC) and there is a copy of the Grade 2 in the soul, that unit gains enough power to have 11000 Power.

Style of Ride Chains

First Generation

The original Ride Chains, Galahad and Tsukuyomi, check the top five cards in the deck for the next unit in the chain, and if the card is among those checked, it can be ridden, at the cost of the turn's Normal Ride. The other cards are placed on the bottom of the deck, and this action is mandatory. These are one of Ride Chains where the Grade 1 and above units do not gain Power if the previous "form" is in the soul.

Second Generation

In Booster Set 4: Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows, the second generation of Ride Chains are introduced. It consists of Amber Dragon, Eclipse, Enigman Storm, Stern Blaukluger, Phantom Blaster Dragon, and Evil Armor General, Giraffa. Ride Chains of this genration is the most consistant, due to the search power. At least the Grade 2 is gauranteed if correctly rode.

  • When the Grade 1 unit rides over the Grade 0 unit of the Ride Chain you are able to search your deck for the Grade 2 unit of the Ride Chain.
  • The Grade 1 unit of the Ride Chain can search for the Grade 3 unit of the Ride Chain when it is called to the (RC) by discarding one Grade 3 unit of the same clan from your hand.

Third Generation

In Extra Booster: Banquet of Divas, the third generation of Ride Chains are introduced. It consists of Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel, Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm, Top Idol, Riviere, Arboros Dragon, Sephirot, Galactic Beast, Zeal, Guardian of Truth, Lox, Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel, and Spectral Duke Dragon. These Ride Chains have the least amount of checking for the others in the chain.

  • When the Grade 1 unit of the Ride Chain is rides over the Grade 0 unit of the Ride Chain, you may check the top seven cards for the Grade 2 or Grade 3 unit of the Ride Chain and add it to your hand. The cards are then added to your deck and the deck is then shuffled.

Fourth Generation

The release of Booster Set 10: Triumphant Return of the King of Knights introduced the release of the fourth generation of Ride Chains. It consists of Battle Deity of the Night, ArtemisAurora Star, Coral, and Thundering Ripple, Genovious.

  • Most of the skill is similar to the third gen.
  • When you did not ride the Grade 2 ride chain unit on top of the Grade 1 unit, you may look up to seven cards from the top of your deck, search for the Grade 2 unit and ride it.
  • All the Grade 2 units have on-hit skills.
  • The Grade 2 units also have it skill added if the Grade 1 is in the soul, in addition to its original skill.
    • However, the 'Ripple' ride chain of the Aqua Force clan's Grade 2 skill needs the Grade 1 to be in the soul to activate its skill, unlike before where there's a skill whereby you wouldn't need the Grade 1 to be in the soul.

Fifth Generation

Starting from the release of Booster Set 12: Binding Force of the Black Rings, the fifth generation of Ride Chain was introduced. So far, the only members of this chain are Schwarzschild Dragon and Sanctuary of Light, Planetal Dragon.

It is often disputed as to whether or not the fifth generation is truly a new generation, or just an extension of the fourth generation. As such, it is often called "Generation 4.5".

  • The chain starts off similiar to the 4th generation of ride chain
  • Unlike the 4th gen, the G2 has to ride over the G1 to get any benefit off and is not an on-hit skill, making it somewhat similar to 3rd gen as well.
  • Unlike other ride chains, the G3 has one additional skill on top of its main one and the +1000 skill for having the G2 in soul.

Sixth Generation

With the new ride chain in G Character Booster 1: TRY3 NEXT, not every card gains power from having the lower-grade card, but still have effects required that lower-grade card. The chain also supports a different card in addition of the grade 3 of the ride chain. The only known Ride Chain of this generation is Throttle Caliber Dragon.


Some Ride Chains have further supports, such as Cross RIde or Legion, to bring out more battle capacity.

Grade 2 Supports

Some Ride Chains have a series Grade 2 units with 10,000 base Power that gain 2,000 Power when they attack. However, if the Grade 2 or 3 of their repsective Ride Chain is not on the Vanguard Circle, they lose 5,000 Power.

Clan Ride Chain Unit
Megacolony Giraffa Ironcutter Beetle
Dimension Police Enigman Enigroid Comrade
Shadow Paladin Blaster Demon World Castle, DonnerSchlag
Nova Grappler Blau Eisenkugel
Murakumo Magatsu Stealth Dragon, Royale Nova
Great Nature Lox Red Pencil Rhino
Kagero Amber Dragon Lava Arm Dragon

Cross Ride

Main article: Cross Ride

Some Ride Chains, like Phantom Blaster Dragon's, are followed by Cross Ride. This is done to gain more power or other benefit the main Grade 3 can't give.

Clan Original Form Cross Ride
Bermuda Triangle Aurora Star, Coral Shangri-La Star, Coral
Dimension Police Enigman Storm Enigman Tornado
Nova Grappler Stern Blaukluger Galaxy Blaukluger
Shadow Paladin Phantom Blaster Dragon Phantom Blaster Overlord


Main article: Legion

Some Ride Chains, such as Galactic Beast, Zeal's, can change from riding into their Grade 3 into the Grade 3's Legion Leader, which can then place the original card on (VC) as Legion. This is to gain both the main Grade 3's effects and Legion Leader's.

Clan Legion Mate Legion Leader
Aqua Force Rolling Ripple, Miltiadis Thundering Ripple, Genovious
Bermuda Triangle Top Idol, Riviere Rising Star, Trois
Dimension Police Galactic Beast, Zeal New Era Beast, Zeal
Murakumo Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Storm Covert Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Typhoon

List of Ride Chain

Angel Feather

Aqua Force

Bermuda Triangle

Dimension Police

Gear Chronicle


Gold Paladin

Great Nature


Link Joker



Neo Nectar

Nova Grappler

Oracle Think Tank

Royal Paladin

Shadow Paladin