Dragheart, Luard

"Ritual" (儀式リチュアル Richuaru) is a keyword exclusive to the Shadow Paladin clan, and introduced in G Trial Deck 10: Ritual of Dragon Sorcery.

How it Works

A "Ritual" ability remains active, or can only be used, as long as the number of grade 1 cards in your drop zone is the same stated number or more. You need to have the stated number or more as soon as the event for the ability would occur, including the card itself when it is in the drop zone. If it activates successfully, then it will resolve even if the requirement is not met after being activated.

List of Cards

Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

List of Support Cards

Grade 1

Grade 3


  • The kanji for Ritual (儀式) translate as "Ritual".