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Royal Paladin units used by Aichi Sendou in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime

"Royal Paladin" (ロイヤルパラディン Roiyaru Paradin) is a clan from the United Sanctuary nation, and one of the first two clans in the game. The clan is themed around knights, dragons, wizards, animals, among others with a focus around several folktales like Arthurian Legends.


Royal's Paladin theme is "Power from allies". They use superior calling effects to quickly gather 5 rear-guards, and gain advantages and power from those rear-guards.

The Altmile series has an added focus on calling Grade 2 rearguards, calling during the Battle Phase to do additional attacks, and using the Keyword Brave which unlocks powerful effects when the player has three or less cards in hand.

The Sanctuary Guard dragons on the other hand power up their front row for each Grade 1 rear-guard they have.


The Royal Paladin are...

United Sanctuary’s main forces, made up of humans, sprites (elves, fairies), and deities (gods, angels). They may look grand in their armor and swords, but these troops are well equipped with the fighting powers that both magic and science have to offer.

What is the Royal Paladin Border Patrol Expedition?

The major task of the First Regular Army of the Holy Nation, "Royal Paladin", is to ensure security of the capital. However, to counter the recent invasions of border areas by Dragon Empire, The Border Patrol Expedition was formed, led by "Altmile" born in border areas and centered around knights of locality. The members of the expedition return to their homeland as knights. In midst of the battle, they would witness...

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  • Royal Paladin, along with Link Joker, is one of the only two clans that are allowed to use cards from a different clan in Clan Fight. In the case of Royal Paladin, you can use up to four copies of Blaster Dark.
  • Many of this clan's units are named after figures from Arthurian legend, like Iseult, Tristan and Bedivere).