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The Spike Brothers (スパイクブラザーズ Supaiku Burazāzū) are a clan from the Dark Zone nation that are themed around American football teams. They focus on returning units to the deck and calling other units from the deck to replace them, especially during the battle phase and often by putting cards from the hand into the soul, gaining an advantage with high-powered attacks. The clan often exchanges defense for more offense.

In Cardfight!! Vanguard G the clan now includes the Keyword Charge, which forces rearguards to return to the deck in exchange of greatly increasing their power.

Kyou Yahagi uses this clan in the anime. While Katsumi Morikawa uses it mostly in the manga (save for his ace "Juggernaut Maximum" in anime); as of GIRS Crisis, he now uses a full Spike Brothers deck.


What is Spike Brothers?

It is a powerful team of the excessively vehement "Gallows Ball", which all types of violence, be it by weapon or by magic, are accepted. With the team's headquarter located in the nation of darkness, "Dark Zone", many elite players of a variety of races are invited from different nations to join the team. The players focus on their own "training", including development of new weapons, surgeries of modification, and synthesis of medicine that boosts physical functions. The bodies and technologies refined for only victory give the team prominent battle strength, said to surpass that of a nation's army.

What is "Gallows Ball"?

It is a ball game usually played in Dark Zone. The players try to send a "Metamorball", which changes its nature and shape in response to mana and psychic powers of players, to touch down ahead of their opponents' goal line, and the scores are to be competed for. Also, the players are required to enshroud themselves in visible aura of mana before entering the stadium. The red and blue colour (of the aura) are used to identify friends and foes, in place of uniforms. But, even it is said to be a sport, Gallows Ball is a sport of "Dark Zone". The rules mean nothing, and the sport becomes a place of gambling for the rich dominators of each nation's underside of society. For this, most matches are conclude by not score, but the defeat of all players of one team, be it death or coma.

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  • Spike Brothers is one of 13 clans which does not have at least one Яeverse unit.

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