"Stand Up! Vanguard" is a Live Action 90 minutes TV Drama that aired on TV Tokyo on May 3rd, 2012.


  • Hiroki Miura - A timid boy who is constantly bullied by a group of classmates. He loves Vanguard and says that if it's Vanguard, he won't lose. Hiroki runs a Kagerō deck.
  • Teru Minamihara - A student in Hiroki's school. He is the presumed leader of a group of bullies who keep harassing Hiroki. Teru runs a Shadow Paladin deck.
  • Sumire Mizuhara - The class representative of Hiroki's class. She worries about Hiroki and always attempts to stop Teru's group when she sees them. She also give Hiroki one support card 
  • Maria Kagami - The teacher of Hiroki's class. Like Daigo, she also wishes for Hiroki to stand up for himself. Maria runs an Oracle Think Tank deck.
  • Kumiko Miura - Hiroki's deceased mother.
  • Eiji Satomi - Teru's mentor in Vanguard. He strives only to win and failure is never an option. Eiji runs a Murakumo deck.
  • Shigehiro Miura - Hiroki's father. He works all day and leaves Hiroki home alone very often. He feels like games like Vanguard are foolish and that Hiroki should concentrate more on studying than playing Games. Shigehiro runs a Neo Nectar deck which use to be his wife's deck before she died.


Cardfight!! Vanguard - Stand Up! Vanguard English Subbed01:18:51

Cardfight!! Vanguard - Stand Up! Vanguard English Subbed

English subbed