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Starter Set Blue is a beginner's set that comes with a Japanese Royal Paladin trial deck, 53 Aichi card sleeves, a blue vanguard storage box, a Blaster Blade/Aichi deck box, an RRR King of Knights, Alfred, a Royal Paladin PR card (Marhaus), and two organized play promo packs (Volume 1 and 2).


  • Pre-Constructed 50-Card Deck (TD01 Shining Swordsman Of The Holy Land Starter Deck)
  • Special Paper Storage Box with Handle -Blue- (Can approximately hold up to 300 cards with sleeves)
  • Special Card Sleeves 53 pieces -Blue- (Sleeve Size: 89mm x 62mm)
  • Special Deck Holder -Blue- (Deck Holder Size: Width 97mm x Height 77 x Thickness 51 mm)
  • BT01/001 「King of Knights, Alfred 」 card (RRR Rarity)
  • Limited Edition PR (RRR Rarity)
  • Cardfight Pack Vol. 1
  • Cardfight Pack Vol. 2

Clan/Grade Breakdown

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