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Tachikaze Icon

The Tachikaze (たちかぜ) are a clan from the Dragon Empire nation. They are made mostly up of mechanical dinosaurs called Dinodragons as well as cavemen known as Savages. They focus on retiring their own rear-guards as costs for their effects, which often involve massively increasing their own power and critical. The clan features units whose skills are triggered whenever they are retired, turning their retirement into more attacks, more power, and more shields. With these effects, the Tachikaze can keep a highly aggressive game while having strong defenses.

Yuta Izaki, Team Lao and Team Jurassic Army use this clan in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime.

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  • Tachikaze could have several different meanings in Japanese depending on the kanji of "tachi."
    • 館: mansion or small castle
    • 太刀: long sword
    • 裁ち: a cut or cutting
    • Given that, tachi kaze would mean mansion wind, wind of the long sword, or cutting wind.
  • The Tachikaze clan is likely to be named after the Tachikaze-class destroyer, a Japanese navy ship. Like the ship, the clan is based off of modern military technology.
  • The way that Tachikaze sacrifice their own rear-guards is similar to how dinosaurs kill and eat each other for nourishment and power.

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