• Hello, nice to see you again. What do you think of this card? Good or bad? Liberator, Star Rain Trumpeter.

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    • Hello once again Sprout.

      From what i can see of this card it's a nice card (Amazing art as well).

      Only problem i can see in it is.

      Actually running Bbl. Most i've seen proffesional players run is 3. Running 3 means you're bound to get Bbl at least once, and the chances of it getting into the drop zone is fairly easy.

      Qw is one of the new ways that can get bbl in the dz.

      But to say at most i'd run 2-3.

      If lib. had more ways to call specific units i would maybe run 3 at all times, but since they don't i won't. It generates a free + for you allowing you to call a unit from the top of your deck after shuffling Bbl, but you already know that what you don't probably know is that shuffling bbl in deck gives you another chance to pull of this effect again so if you run high numbers of bbl like 3-4 you can run more of this unit to get more pluses for your-self.

      This unit would probably not be well equiped in a Garemore lib. deck. you would need open rear guard circles to take full advantage of his limit break. if you end up calling this unit then you'll be in a situation where you wasted a good unit to generate a plus for you.

      Since this unit isnt completely restricted to Liberators, and only to Bbl you could use this unit in Grand Ezel scissors. (But be warned Bbl skill requires a Liberator vg to use so may not be the best thing to do). 

      So for the bosses i would pair this unit up with is Alfred, and Gancelot Zenith. (Maybe burning blow, but i don't really thing someone would base a deck around him).

      Zenith can have you send this unit back to the deck so you can keep recycling this units ability. In case your opponent likes to retire your rear guards a lot. You can call this unit send bbl back to deck attack with star rain attack with zenith return star rain, and call again. Kind of like the hit and run technique of Murakumo right? 

      With alfred this unit can help reach alfreds full power easily by Sc a unit for the deck for really just having a unit in the soul or drop zone.  

      My final say on this unit is that it's risky. Yes you can make some nice plays with it, but without Bbl this unit becomes a dead draw. or sc, but it helps with the counter blast heaviness of the clan. Just be careful, and have fun >:I.

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    • O_O I see.... your play is mostly on the offensive. Did you the comments about this card on the page for it? Mostly, there's good tips on how to use it. ^_^ On a side note, do you ever feel like you're a terrible player at this game? For me, I try to give advice to players but some are stubborn who think they're THE BEST or can always win. Has that ever happened to you? I thought Garmore wouldn't fit together but it does to my surprise.

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      • is sad* :<
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    • I only gave advice to one person, and ever since then stopped, because he started kicking my arse 95% of the time. Also my play style has nothing to do with offensive like in chess i play defensively. I don't like having less cards in my hand than my opponents (Even in yugioh). It's almost a nightmare fighting Ott, and genesis. Yes i feel like i'm a terrible player (Ask xeamnz he can tell you everything).  I've never met anyone who thinks they're the best (Juchen is the best Sp player btw jtlyk). Running this in garmore is risky, but if you like to live wild then you do i don't judge (Of apocalypse)

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      • presses fingers together in sadness* :<
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    • A FANDOM user
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