Tiny Precious, May
一粒の輝晶タイニィ・プレシャス メイ
English - Japanese


Name Tiny Precious, May
Kanji 一粒の輝晶 メイ
Kana タイニィ・プレシャス メイ
Phonetic Tainyi Pureshasu Mei
Card Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 0 / Sk boost Boost
Power 4000
Critical Critical icon1
Shield 10000
Nation Co mega Magallanica
Clan Bermuda Triangle
Race Mermaid
Trigger Effect None
Imaginary Gift None
Illust はま
Card Set(s)
Card Flavor(s)
Being watched by those eyes, is a reward to us.
Card Effect(s)
[ACT](RC):[Put this unit into your soul & Choose a normal unit from your hand, and discard it] Look at the top card of your deck, put it on the top or the bottom of your deck, and draw a card. If the number of face up cards in your G zone is one or more, choose one of your units, and it gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
Tournament Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
KR Unlimited
TH Unlimited
IT Unlimited
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