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"Touken Ranbu" (とうけんらん, literally "Wild Dance of Swords") is a clan who do not belong to a nation. Their names and card designs are based on the online browser game of the same name. All cards share the name "Touken Danshi" in their race, which means "Sword Man", followed by a sword type. Its playstyle is based around the abilities "Shinken Hissatsu" and "Homare", as well as many abilities to power increase.

In its debut, Touken Ranbu focused on having a simple yet varied playstyle while not being Generation Break restricted for the most part, allowing for some early-game tactics compared to most Generation decks. However, in its second wave of support, it started to put unique spins on common mechanics such as a Legion pair where either of the units involved can seek the other or a Generation Break 2 ability that activates on a rear-guard circle. It also gained a new keyword, Nitou Kaigan, which activates during a battle in which your <Touken Danshi - Uchigatana> possessing this ability is being boosted or was boosted by a <Touken Danshi - Wakizashi>.

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  • "Shinano Toushirou", "Oodenta Mitsuyo", "Sohayanotsurugi", "Taikogane Sadamune", "Kikkou Sadamune", "Houchou Toushirou", "Kogarasumaru", "Ookanehira" and "Sengo Muramasa" are the only characters of the game who have not obtained their card version.