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Trial Deck 2: Dragonic Overlord

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VG-TD02 Dragonic Overlord

Japanese Name:



Raging Dragon Of The Empire

Release Date:

February 26th, 2011 (JP) and December 3rd, 2011 (EN)

Set Gallery Japanese


Set Gallery English


Previous Set:

VG-TD01: Blaster Blade

Next Set:

VG-TD03: Golden Mechanical Soldier

Dragonic Overlord (or Raging Dragon of the Empire in the Japanese version) was one of the first two Trial Deck released in both Japanese and English. It was released alongside Trial Deck 1: Blaster Blade.


  • This is a constructed deck built of 50 cards.
  • The theme of this deck are Kagerō Units.
  • This set exclusively features Kagerō's Clan only.
  • There are 2 cards exclusive to the Trial Deck and 3 Holo cards per deck.

The Trial-Deck exclusive cards are:


カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 2 26 トライアルデッキ発売!CM00:15

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード 2 26 トライアルデッキ発売!CM

Japanese Version

CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD CM English ver00:30


English Version

Card List

Code Amount Name Grade Clan Trigger
TD02/001 2 Dragonic Overlord 3 Kagerō
TD02/002 1 Dragon Monk, Goku 3 Kagerō
TD02/003 4 Demonic Dragon Berserker, Yaksha 3 Kagerō
TD02/004 4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem 2 Kagerō
TD02/005 4 Berserk Dragon 2 Kagerō
TD02/006 4 Wyvern Strike, Tejas 2 Kagerō
TD02/007 4 Embodiment of Armor, Bahr 1 Kagerō
TD02/008 2 Dragon Monk, Gojo 1 Kagerō
TD02/009 4 Flame of Hope, Aermo 1 Kagerō
TD02/010 2 Demonic Dragon Madonna, Joka 1 Kagerō
TD02/011 2 Wyvern Strike, Jarran 1 Kagerō
TD02/012 1 Lizard Runner, Undeux 0 Kagerō
TD02/013 4 Dragon Dancer, Monica 0 Kagerō Draw
TD02/014 4 Lizard Soldier, Ganlu 0 Kagerō Stand
TD02/015 4 Dragon Monk, Genjo 0 Kagerō Heal
TD02/016 4 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa 0 Kagerō Critical

Grade Breakdown

Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
17 14 12 7

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