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Trial Deck 5: Slash of Silver Wolf

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Slash of Silver Wolf is the 5th Trial Deck released in Japanese/Korean format, and the 3rd released in English format. It introduces the Gold Paladin clan.



カードファイト!! ヴァンガード キッズイメージCM00:31

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード キッズイメージCM



Card List

Code Amount Name Grade Clan Trigger
TD05/001 1 Great Silver Wolf, Garmore 3 Gold Paladin
TD05/002 2 Sleygal Double Edge 3 Gold Paladin
TD05/003 4 Battlefield Storm, Sagramore 3 Gold Paladin
TD05/004 4 Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains 2 Gold Paladin
TD05/005 1 Sleygal Sword 2 Gold Paladin
TD05/006 4 Sacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lion 2 Gold Paladin
TD05/007 2 Charging Chariot Knight 2 Gold Paladin
TD05/008 4 Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/009 4 Evil Slaying Swordsman, Haugan 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/010 2 Precipice Whirlwind, Sagramore 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/011 2 Charjgal 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/012 2 Blessing Owl 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/013 1 Silver Fang Witch 1 Gold Paladin
TD05/014 1 Grassland Breeze, Sagramore 0 Gold Paladin
TD05/015 4 Silent Punisher 0 Gold Paladin Critical
TD05/016 4 Weapons Dealer, Gwydion 0 Gold Paladin Draw
TD05/017 4 Fortune Bell 0 Gold Paladin Stand
TD05/018 4 Elixir Sommelier 0 Gold Paladin Heal

Grade Breakdown

Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
17 15 11 7

BT06 GP and NK

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