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Resonance of Thunder Dragon is the 6th Trial Deck released in Japanese format, and the 4th released in English format.


  • A constructed deck built of 50 cards.
  • There are 18 different cards.
  • There are 8 cards exclusive to the Trial Deck with 2 that will be reprinted in BT06.
  • Each deck consist of 1 RR and 2 R cards.
  • Introduces the Narukami clan.
  • The official price is 1,050 Yen or $18.
  • The first editions have a Cardfight Pack Vol.5 pack in it.


カードファイト!! ヴァンガード キッズイメージ00:31

カードファイト!! ヴァンガード キッズイメージ

Card List

Code Amount Name Grade Clan Trigger
TD06/001 1 Thunder Break Dragon 3 Narukami
TD06/002 2 Djinn of the Lightning Flash 3 Narukami
TD06/003 4 Plasmabite Dragon 3 Narukami
TD06/004 4 Thunderstorm Dragoon 2 Narukami
TD06/005 4 Shieldblade Dragoon 2 Narukami
TD06/006 1 Djinn of the Lightning Flare 2 Narukami
TD06/007 2 Brightjet Dragon 2 Narukami
TD06/008 4 Red River Dragoon 1 Narukami
TD06/009 4 Lizard Soldier, Riki 1 Narukami
TD06/010 2 Lightning of Hope, Helena 1 Narukami
TD06/011 1 Djinn of the Lightning Spark 1 Narukami
TD06/012 2 Dragon Dancer, RaiRai 1 Narukami
TD06/013 2 Wyvern Supply Unit 1 Narukami
TD06/014 1 Lizard Soldier, Sishin 0 Narukami
TD06/015 4 Yellow Gem Carbuncle 0 Narukami Critical
TD06/016 4 Old Dragon Mage 0 Narukami Draw
TD06/017 4 Zephyr Kid, Hayate 0 Narukami Stand
TD06/018 4 Demonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobo 0 Narukami Heal

Grade Breakdown

Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
17 15 11 7

BT06 GP and NK

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