Hi all, i recently make a GN deck on School Hunter, Leo-pald. However i cant win with it, i wonder is it my way of using or my deck construction problem, so i wan to share my deck build and ani1 can give me some advice on this deck, tks.


Acorn Master (Starter) x1

Ruler Chameleon (Critical) x4

Triangle Cobra (Critical) x4

Fortune-bringing Cat (Draw) x4

Dictionary Goat (Heal) x4


Silver Wolf x4

Pencil Squire, Hammsuke x4

Cable Sheep (Perfect Guard) x3
Blackboard Ohm


Tic-Toc Flamingo x3


Binoculars Tiger x4

Geograph Giant x3

Explosion Scientist, Bunta x4


School Hunter, Leo-pald (Main Vanguard) x4

Magnet Crocodilex4

EDIT: hi guys, i make some changes to tis GN deck. things like :

  • take out the g1 tiger
  • add more copy of hammsuke n flamingo and bunta.
  • change my g3 hammsuke to croc
  • lastly i got sick of marmoset n decided to use acorn master

and i gonna post my though on some new changes to tis deck with the set 8 cards.

  • i am gonna change the flamingo to Loop-the-Loop, Duckbill for more drawing ability, one thing i realise with this deck is tht i not short of counterblasting due to my bunta heal combo which i get to heal 6 times in a fight 4 times out of 10 game i played so i decided to went ahead with more drawing power
  • i am changing my geograph to Compass Lion with the power of 11k on g2, i have not test play tis yet but i find no problem in retiring every turn which i can go combo with leo-pald/g2 tiger 4k boost
  • my starter will be change to Blackboard Ohm, marmoset have become a fodder for my 4k boosting jus to break the 9k magic for g2 vanguard which my opp normal ride 9k vanguard for more att. acorn got low powerand i dun usually find myself struck with no g3 to ride. so i go with this card as it like i got another duckbill on my field.