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Sorry for the inconvenience, but here is V5




What are your favorite strategies out of these?

(Choose 5)

A. Offense

B. Defense

C. Balanced

D. Hand Advantage

E. Deck Swarm

F. Deplete Op RG

G. Sac. Allies, increase VG Pwr, Stand, etc.

H. Deplete Op Hand

I. Interception Interruption

J. Soul Charge, increase Pwr and/or Critical

K. Soul Charge, then Blast

L. Soul Charge, then Superior Call

M. Call, Skill, Bounce

N. Resurrection

O. Hit & Run (Attack and Bounce back to hand or deck)

P. Fast, unaltered attacks (good for depleting Op Shield)

Q. Forced Resting of Op RG

R. Increase VG/RG Pwr through skills

S. Stand RG during Battle

T. Take advantage of the Damage Zone in order to use effects that involve it


What is your offensive style?

A. Fast attacks while attempting to deplete your Op's shield

B. Pressure (Extra Critical, on-hit skills)

C. Cripple (Deplete RG, prevent standing, intercepting)

D. Both A & B

E. Both B & C

F. A & C

G. A, B, and C


What about defense?

A. Conservation (Keeping hand advantage through effects)

B. Heavy Blocking (Null Guards,10k Guards and S-Special Intercepts)

C. Swarm after attacking (Bounce back to deck, and Superior Call)

D. I don't focus too much on defense


Which would you focus on in your strategy?

A. Vanguard

B. Rear-Guard

C. Both


Which environments would you see yourself in if you could go there?

(No more than 5)


Are you serious, a prankster, or both

A. Serious

B. Prankster

C. Sometimes both


Are you willing to sacrifice one thing in order to gain something else, regardless of the consequences?

A. Yes

B. No

C. At times

D. What was the question again?

E. Yes. After all, I can bring it back later.


How would you finish a fight?

A. Slow and painful

B. Quick and Painless

C. Depends


Which side are you on?

(Max: 3)

A. Light

B. Darkness

C. Fire

D. Water

E. Nature

F. Technology

G. I don't usually take sides


Which ones do you like the most?

(Choose 5)

A. Knights

B. Mythology

C. Figures from Christianity

D. Dragons and Dinosaurs

E. Ninja

F. Demons

G. Sports

H. The Circus

I. Zombies and Vampires

J. Mermaids

K. Warships and Military Weaponry

L. Marine Life

M. Bugs

N. Animals

O. Plants

P. Wrestling

Q. Shows about Costumed Superheroes, Giant Monsters and Robots

R. Pranking and/or trolling

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