Now we all ove RRR and RR now don't we? Now from this title I challenge all of you to make a deck. Now here's the rule:

- No RRR and RR allowed except kanzen (2 null max)

- R are allowed

- It's okay if the trigger has a higher than R rarity (liew - even though he's useless because Barcgal is banned in this kind of build)

- No more than 7 R in a deck (includes your starter and exclude your trigger)

- For trigger you can have as many R as you want

- The rest of your deck must be Common!

- Now make a build and you guys can either (test it in real lfie) or challenge each other common build in Byond.

-10k vanilla are counted as a C (may only have up to 4)

Trial deck varies - if a card has a clone BB it is considered the clone e.g BB in td is RR and BB in bt01 ir RRR. BB is an RRR!!!!

-Promo considered common except the hollow promo (Gerard, turbulence, flare whip and yes sadly Marhaus)

-the reprint of promo (alfred earlly, no life and etc are all considered RRR)

-All other promo are C (eng promo)

-Japanese promo please tell me the card and I'll judge it.

-cards that have a skill of an RR but is an R such as (water gang) is still considered an R

Any info I will answer if i go to sleep late :P

Red List (CARDS to be aware off)

RRR - Banned

RR - Banned except Kanzen

R (up to 7)

these trial deck card will be banned and the rest are C

1. Gold Rutile

2. Sakuya

3. Blaster Blade 

4. Dragonic Overlord

5. Garmore

6. Thunder Break Dragon

7. Naval Gazer dragon

8. Solitary Liberator gancelot (break ride are forbidden)

9. Blaster Blade Liverator

10. Eradictator Vowing Sword Dragon.

Booster Pack 01 and so on have reprints of trial deck and for e.g

Wyvern strike Tejas is an R in bt01 while it's a c in trial deck. TEJAS IS A C!!!!

Good Luck this is your mission if you choose to accept it.......