Heya all, been quite a while since I wrote a blog. Anw, straight to the point. First things first, just to get things out of the way, I am perfectly fine with the clan distribution, the reprints,  3 ZRs in one set or it having 100 cards only. What annoys me, or maybe what worries me rather, is that this is the final set for G, which quite honestly surprised me a lot, and also  pains me that Bushiroad is kinda like "okay just get on with G let it burn" because personally I really liked G and happened to enjoy the G series anime-wise and meta-wise much more than the original one, despite the flaws G has. Hearing Chrono's VA constantly saying "Series Climax" didn't help either :'< Now this being the last set of for G further worries me because it supports 3 clans I use: Royal Paladin, Shadow Paladin and Genesis. It honestly feels like a waste to invest in Genesis and Shadows (especially if Shadows contain Luard who is always so expensive) and this kinda sucks. And to further add, this being the last set really makes me reluctant about building Murakumo although I guess the new cards won't cost much, but it definitely encouraged me to not build Garmore, despite G-BT13 not being released yet, I'm already cautious about what to spend because the current Stride focused game will probably change. This disincentive effect is basically my problem with G-BT14, the set isn't even to blame frankly. This isn't a rant or anything, I fully understand the cycle of card gaming and how everything must come to an end for something to take its place, but I just hate how they rushed things and instead of ending G around July-August or even September similarly to the original series (which would also make sense as we were all expecting a full 6 month schedule that would be G's final months) they surprised us with G-BT14 being the end. Guess it's moreso a problem with moving on really but it's so rushed to the point where I can't enjoy new Altmile support dangit >,<   I do feel sad that my good buddy Altmile won't be my main go-to deck, but new series, oh lawdy, if you give Altmile decent legacy support to make the deck at least playable, then I will embrace you with a widespread hug. If not, new Royals better be cool and ABS/10.

Aaaaaanyhow. Anybody else feeling like that? Wanting to get hyped about your clans being supported soon only for the sweet sweet support to become outdated? Does it stop you one bit from investing in the following 4 (for english players) sets? I wanna talk a bit about how the current stuff could connect with the new series, but I think it's better to leave it as a different blog or wait for more info. That'd be all, really eager to see how other people handle their VG spendings now that they know the series is ending, would help me to make my choices as well. 

P.S, this is how I currently feel although I really shouldn't --------->