Skeleton Lookout!

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Good day, fighters! Van Haym here, wanting to share my current build and analysis on Granblue in meta.

So you ask again, why Granblue?

Talking about meta and Granblue seems to be a bit off the hook. Last season (English format) was dominated by Royal Paladin and Kagero, and this season the meta decks will definitely be Gold Paladin and Narukami. I don't know why Bushiroad made this happen on purpose, but come on dude...that's not so fair, is it?

On the other hand, Granblue never seems to get past tier 2, and never in the history has a Granblue player won a championship tournament (or is there? Please let me know then :P). Still, that is not a reason for us not to build a deck of our favorite clan.

So far on this wikia, I have only seen few articles about Granblue decks. And they're essentially posting the same deck over and over! Sure, they have different units for their G1 or G2 or G3 line. But their lineup in general are similar. A typical Granblue build would be the 19/14/10/7 or 19/12/12/7 or 20/13/10/7 or even 21/12/10/7 format. While there are no certain problems with the formats, we should keep in mind that they are the formats that NEVER win a tournament. Or at least they never do in my local battleground.

Before we get into the analysis, let's take a look at my current build for Granblue. I'd say it's finished, but it may not be a final product yet. Still about 20 playtests needed to make a final deck, though I have tested this build around 15 times. It was good at times, and it just went pretty ugly if you got a bad hand (duh).

G0 (18):


Aye-aye cap'n!

  • 1x Captain Night Kid (Starter)
  • 1x Chappie
  • 8x Critical Triggers
  • 4x Draw Triggers
  • 4x Heal Triggers

G1 (14):

  • 4x Dandy Guy, Romario
  • 4x Gust Jinn
  • 2x Evil Shade
  • 2x Dragon Spirit
  • 2x Deadly Nightmare

G2 (10):

  • 4x Commodore Blueblood
  • 2x Ruin Shade
  • 2x Deadly Spirit
  • 1x Pietro
  • 1x Skeleton Demon World Knight

G3 (8):

  • 3x Cocytus
  • 2x Skull Dragon
  • 1x Basskirk
  • 1x Thanatos
  • 1x Deadly Swordmaster

Actually the G3 lineup can vary depending on your mood(?). Well, what I'm saying is you can remove 2x Basskirk and put in 2x Thanatos or Deadly Swordmaster or another Cocytus, it doesn't matter. The only crucial thing is that you cannot subtract the amount of Cocytus and Skull Dragon. This build revolves around them, and they are the core of your Granblue in meta now.

Now, onto the Unit Analysis.

- Cocytus


Ice Prison of Death!

This is our ace Granblue unit. He can be your ace Vanguard, and he can even be your ace Rear Guard. I don't have much to say about him (I know you guys don't either), except that I almost never use him as a starting G3 Vanguard. Why, you ask?

First, his ability is one-time activation only: when you ride him. Secondly, the ability revives one unit from your Drop Zone. Let's see, what to revive... Chappie? *lol* no. The third reason is he's got LB. You know LB doesn't activate until you have 4 damages, and usually we get 4 damages at turn 4 (unless your opponent is playing very aggressively, or he got crit triggers early).

And by the way, I never mentioned about not riding him at all. I just tend to ride another G3 at turn 3 (Basskirk, Swordmaster, Skull Dragon) except that he is the only G3 I have in my hand. I usually ride Cocytus when my deck is on low count (< 25 cards) or I have 4-5 damages already.

- Basskirk


All hail King of the Sea!

Now let's talk about Basskirk. I put in Basskirk because I am a soul-type player. He provides more flexibility to revive your Deadly Spirits/Nightmares, and his soul serves as ammo for Cocytus-Dragon Spirit attack. If he absorbs Revivables (meaning units that can be revived, such as Skull Dragon or Deadly Spirit) into soul, they can be soul-blasted into Drop Zone to be revived later.

Another good thing about Basskirk is he can apply 20k pressure per turn when boosted by Romario (and you have 4 Romarios, good chances to draw one of them), while Cocytus needs 4 damage to use his LB. This is a minor issue, but I think it's still worth mentioning.

Basskirk's Megablast is the most popular thing on the last season, and it is strongly advised that you DO NOT use it in current meta. Flipping down ALL the damage in your damage zone isn't very smart, because you just lose your chance to play your Skull Dragons, which is practically a game over.

There is although one condition where you are encouraged to use it: when you're at 5 damages, and your opponent has only 2-3 damages. That way you can still heal or use Pietro to unflip some damage so you can CB again later.

I tried putting in 3 Basskirks, but for teching purpose to sp. ride Swordmaster I only use one now.

Tips: If you have less than 25 cards left in your deck, be prepared to ride Cocytus. He will serve as your finisher and also stops your deck from draining out.

- Skull Dragon


Death awaits you; I summon Skull Dragon!

I honestly don't know why there are still people arguing not to put in Skull Dragon into their Granblue Deck. So for the sake of King Pirate I will use some space to clear this matter up.

Some clans might have G2 units that when boosted can attack for 20k, while our clan doesn't. That is why Skull Dragons come in handy. Skull Dragons have base power of 13k. That means even when boosted by a 7k G1, they can attack for 20k! And they can reach 21k when boosted by Romario! (this is useful vs Vermillion).

Some even said that Skull Dragons retire their units every turn, so they don't want to use it.

These guys obviously were not using their imagination very well. Let's take a look at this case. Suppose your opponent has 6 cards in hand. It's your turn, and his VG has 10k power. During your Battle Phase, this process will occur:

  1. Your VG attacks, prompting to twin drive. Your opponent guards with a perfect defense. He now has 4 cards left.
  2. Your first RG attacks with total of 18k attack power. Your opponent guards with one 10k shield. He has 3 cards left.
  3. Your last RG attacks with total of 16k attack power. Your opponent guards with two 5k shields. He is left with 1 card.

Even you got at least one trigger, you still failed to final turn him. Now let's take a look at this event where you decided to put in 2 Skull Dragons and somehow they ended up sitting in your Drop Zone:

  1. Your VG attacks, prompting to twin drive. Your opponent guards with a perfect defense. He now has 4 cards left.
  2. Your first Skull Dragon attacks with total of 20k attack power. Your opponent guards with one 10k shield and one 5k shield. He has 2 cards left.
  3. Your second Skull Dragons attacks with total of 20k attack power. Your opponent must guard with minimum of one 10k shield and one 5k shield, or it's over. Let's say he's got lucky and the attack didn't go through. He is now left with 0 card.

See the point? That last scenario was when you didn't get any triggers, yet you still managed to burn all cards in your opponent's hand. If you can perfectly defend against your opponent's attack next turn, it's your victory.

- Other Units

Wait whaaat? You just skip right onto the "other units" part? Too lazy to write anymore?

Well partly yes XD trust me guys, I love to write but it's gonna take a whole day to make a full review of each Granblue unit. So until I get some requests from you, I will just cover them briefly for now. Well, here we go:

Chappie is a nice G0 shield unit. He searches your deck for something you want to revive later. He rocks at 1-2 count but put 3-4 of him and you'll get bad hands.

Dragon Spirit is Cocytus' private booster unit. Well since you use Cocytus (especially on RG) you should try considering this unit. I personally run 2 of this unit.

Evil Shade is a must. He is your only 10k VG booster, and I usually use at least 2 of him.

Romario is your only 8k booster, so be sure to include 3-4 of him except you're building a superior riding build (in which case you will put 4 Samurai Spirit and 4 Deadly Nightmare, I never saw such build though.)

Gust Jinn is your perfect shield. I used to put 3 Jinns into my deck but it just went pretty ugly vs LB decks so I decided to use 4 for the sake of drawing chance.

Deadly Nightmare & Spirit are your brand-new Revivables. Instead of CB, you SB2 to revive them so you can save your CB for Cocytus or Skull Dragon, which is good.

Pietro is your only Granblue unflipper. I only use one because you don't get to hit opponent that much. I usually ride him on turn 2 after I use Captain Nightkid's CB. And the opponent rarely guards against it that way.

Ruin Shade is your solo miller and 11k attacker. You need her to mill some cards to revive later, and 11k attack power is actually nice. You can even combo her with Rough Seas Banshee and get the total of 15k power, and then later put Banshee into your soul to draw 1 card. Not bad.

Thanatos might not be your favorite G3 but he certainly can pressure your opponent on early-mid game. Upon hit you may consider switching him with Cocytus, Skull Dragon, G2s, G1s, or Banshees. When your opponent is at 5 damages I usually sacrifice Thanatos for Skull Dragon, which is better than sacrificing other G2s.

Deadly Swordmaster is good if you can superior ride him. Otherwise you can put him on VC to stall your opponent (11k is very good for defense) while you keep drawing and twin driving until your hand is good enough for Final Turn!

That's all I can share for now. If you have any questions or recommendation on my build, be sure to drop a message on my wall or you can just post it below. I'd be happy to help as much as I can.


EDIT: This deck has been outdated. I have already upgraded the deck into a better one (supposedly around 175% more powerful). Check out the second part here =)

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