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Seal Dragon Deck

When Dragonic Kaiser, Vermillion came out, it was the main card I used until Set 8. 

And I think that Hellfire is a better Vermillion

I made a blog post back then about how I was going to use a Dauntless + DOtE deck, but I then realized that once your opponent is at 4 damage, DOtE cannot do anything. And I never get another DOtE early enough to apply legit pressure.

So I have decided to build Seal Dragons instead:


Seal Dragon, Terrycloth x1

Seal Dragon, Artpitch x4 (Draw)

Seal Dragon, Biera x4 (Critical)

Seal Dragon, Dobi x4 (Stand)

Seal Dragon, Shading x4 (Heal)


Seal Dragon, Rinocross x4

Seal Dragon, Flannel x4

Seal Dragon, Kersey x4

Heatnail Salamander x2


Seal Dragon, Jakado x4

Seal Dragon, Hunger Hell Dragon x4

Seal Dragon, Corduroy x2


Seal Dragon, Blockade x2

Dauntless Drive Dragon x2

Hellfire Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno x4

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