At first I was like: TCO is ridiculous... I tried to make a deck and then suddenly OH!!! they have no Origin mage Ildona in their card database lol... heard narukami and some other clans missed a few cards as well.

Also the waiting time is ridiculously long... and sometimes bugs out... I waited like 30mins and then an error pops up saying that I waited to long and asks me to leave when I have not even gotten into a game.

  • Edit: Finally found Ildona as "Primordial Mage, Il Dana". In order to find ildona I had to go into the EB03 extra booster card list instead for just typing the card name in the search box. I finally got to play and I have to say that the gameplay and controls are neat and easy but unless you get a premium membership (2USD a month) this simulator will be pointless due to insane queues.
  • Edit 2: After playing for a couple days I can say it is a decent cardfight simulator and I can recommend it IF you are willing to pay 2USD a month for premium account. The only downside of TCO is that they update their card after an entire set has been completed and all effects of the cards have been revealed. So if you want to test a single card that has been announced in a upcoming BT-set, then no luck.  


  • easy controls
  • simple ui
  • active game-rooms


  • premium membership needed in order to avoi long queues (2 USD month)
  • some cards are not translated into english so unless you know all cards effects you should have wikia open so that you can quick check
  • single cards dont update until the entire set has been revealed
  • in some cases the card-names are different than the official ones and you will have to find them using a BT set list rather than insta-finding them using the search box

Final verdict: 

If you can afford paying 2 USD a month and are willing to wait a few weeks until new cards get added to the database then you will enjoy TCO as it is a solid cardfight simulator with a wide playerbase and neat and easy controls and ui design.