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Cardfight Capital has decided not to update anymore due to fears that Bushiroad will press legal action. Although I am disheartened to hear this news, I fully understand this and support it at the end of the day. However, that does not mean I will stop using a game simulator like most of you. An online simulator is a great way to face many different players and play styles. I’ve been playing Vanguard online consistency since October 2012 and I have at least faced 200 different people. So ever since the announcement of CFC “ending”, I have been searching for a replacement. Although I still use CFC, with BT10 coming with more support for Shadow Paladins, a clan I enjoy but has a severe lack of support, finding a new simulator to play on is imperative. Thus far I have found 2 possible replacements.

·         Cardfight Area is a Russian Made simulator. So watch out if you start drinking more Vodka and hating the ending of Rocky IV. Although Russian, the game is fully in English. (scroll down for download link)

·         Trade Cards Online is digital trading card binder which you can use to keep track of your cards and trade with others. However, one can also the site to play online as well.

This post will be my “review” of these two sites and comparing them to CFC. I will be judging them based on these criteria:

Access, Visual Design, Deck Creator, Card Selection/Gallery, Controls, and Glitches/Errors


CFC: Simply go on the site and click play now. You can make an Account on Byond or sign in as a guest and you can edit your name to be whatever you want. Sadly, data is saved directly to the computer meaning if you sign in from another computer, your decks do not come with. You can also watch other people’s cardfights and you are given a log of your games seeing what moves you and your opponent did.

CFA: First you need to download the client, unzip it and open it up. Meaning it has the same save problems CFC has. However, its biggest issue is signing in. After selecting your deck, you pick a server to use… by typing in an IP. Sadly the game doesn’t come with a default server or a suggested server. Luckily, I do . That server usually has the most people on. In addition, every time you sign in you have to type in a name.  Meaning “identity theft” may happen because of trolls.

TCO: First, an account is mandatory. Second, the game has a lobby meaning if you want to get on a play instantly, you will need to buy a premium account or wait for some time. I once had to wait for an hour before a table opened up. The only good thing is the online binder. It allows you can save decks online meaning you can access them anywhere and you can use other peoples decks.

Visual Design

CFC: Sprites. That was the best part of CFC. The ability to move around and have a visual representation of oneself made it easier to immerse yourself into the game. The colours and sprites where well done and there was quite a variety. The locations made it easier for both tournaments and single one off fights because you can state a location for your fights.  Only bad parts are that the cardfield does not shift to your perspective and that your opponents hand is not visible.

CFA and TCO: They decide to go a bit more streamlined. A chat, a list of players, fights happening now and people who want to fight. Its fine and works well. Doesn’t have the same charm as CFC.

Deck Creator

CFC: Very good editor. On the left you have the cards organized by release by which trial deck or booster pack it came in. The center is the cards in your deck. Finally the last column is the cards you can search by grade, name, clan etc. You can save decks and easily access them and edit them. The rules are also implemented into deck making ie 16 triggers, only 4 heals etc etc.

CFA: Good as well. Divided up by clan. Each with a pictorial representation of each card. Simply click a card and a number will appear saying how many you have in your deck. Only major problem is that it doesn’t give a list how many of each grade you have so prepare to count it yourself. Saving and loading a deck is a bit annoying too.

TCO: This is pretty bad. Unlike CFC, there are no rules. You can have as many triggers you want or even have less than 50 cards. The deck builder is bad. Just hope your opponent has made their deck available so you can see if they are using a legal deck. Searching is easy though.

Card Selection and Gallery

CFC: All the way up to BT09 and has a couple of some extra and promo cards. Good til the new trial decks come out later this month. The cards look very nice and they only updated when clean scans and proper effects were released.

CFA: Updates as soon as the cards have been released. With any available picture and effect. They don’t look all that great all the time. But the card selection is still diverse.

TCO: it is very odd. Most cards are there but others aren’t. It seems it’s too focused on collecting rather than having info about cards… and even then its bad. Many cards have the wrong name and sometimes effects. Plus the pictures for some cards are horrendous and old. Even when clean and newer scans of the cards have been out for weeks.


CFC: Its Good. I personally like keyboard controls. It adds enough complexity to make it not boring. On the field you can drag and move cards around. They are simple and start forward. Ctrl S to Shuffle, Ctrl U to stand Up, or Ctrl B to Bind etc etc. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

CFA: Oooooohhhh not good. These controls are not good. The problem comes from the fact that it only uses the mouse and uses it awkwardly. Both the left and right buttons do different things based on where you click them meaning misclicking is a problem. In addition, there are onscreen buttons for shuffling and moving cards to your deck. You can only move cards by clicking a card then clicking where you want it to go.  Its just annoying and pointless when clicking and dragging would be faster. For example, instead of just clicking a card and dragging it to your hand, you must click the card then click the H button which will move it to your hand.

Interesting enough, it does have a power adjuster where you can click a card with the middle mouse button (which is just awkward) and set its power. This allows cards with power increasing effects to show their power up like Ride Chains or Crossrides. The problem is that one can simply put the mouse over the card and see its power. In addition, it is faster to simple type into the chat the power of your atk than to go through all this. Finally, one small point. You can go into different phases like Ride, Main, Battle etc. It’s a nice touch but its almost impossible to see the change. Going from light gray to white is not enough of a visual change to understand “Oh my opponent ended.”

TCO: Better but has a huge flaw that makes it almost impossible to use for new cards. The game also only uses the mouse but does it much better. Left button to move cards around and unflip them while right button is use to attack or more importantly bring down a menu. From this menu you choose what to do like search your deck, shuffle, mill etc etc. One flaw is that it focuses too much on drag and drop. Cards aren’t locked into a circle, damage zone can unorganized, hell you can even move your opponents cards. It tries to imitate how a real game would go but it falls flat. But the huge flaw that makes this game impossible is that it doesn’t list the card effect. Sure you can see the cards but unless both you and your opponent can see read Japanese, you aren’t gunna understand it. You either gotta trust that your opponent is using the right effect or search up every card they use.


CFC: Aside from lag, which the other games might get with increased players, there seems to only be two very small glitches. One is that your sprite can get stuck if they are surrounded by obstacles or players but simply moving to a new area fixes that. The second is that if you and your opponent challenge each other at the same time and both accept, the game freezes the game mat but all you need to do is leave the match and re-challenge.

CFA: Oh my. Quite a few. Quite a few. This is a pretty new game so I’ll wait and see if it fixes them . But the chat, cards and many other things are very buggy. In addition, having the chat constantly go away in battle and only talking by pressing enter BEFORE you type is the worst idea this game has.

TCO: No real glitches. Too simple for them really. The premium membership and tables idea is utter bullshit. I’m surprised this site hasn’t been taken down yet. Unlike CFC, they actually make money from people using there services which is such copyright infringement that its insane.

Final Thoughts

CFC is still the best. Great design, deck editor, and controls. Hopefully, someone can emulate this game and copy its style.

CFA still has a long way to go before becoming… competent. I’d say play it with the manual opened in another window because you are gunna need it. But I do have hope for it. I think if the controls were just a bit better I’d recommend it more.

TCO: This may have better controls but that doesn’t mean its good. The generic play mat system is has just means that its harder to play, not realistic.  The premium account shit is stoobid. The card gallery and that fact that decks don’t need to follow rules is bad. Don’t play this one at all.

Thus my “review” has come to an end. Im gunna keep playing CFC till CFA gets better. I really hope it can. Also if you have heard of other Cardfight Simulators, post them in the comments.

I’ve heard of Cray Online but have yet to find a good download link or server IP

In addition, I have heard of they haven’t released anything yet but they do seem passionate. So when it comes out, I’ll probably check it out.