With Link joker's, yet another new clan (not that I'm complaning) upcoming release I'm interested to see what sort of clans others would make if they had the choice. So what would your custom clan be like. What would its name be. What abilities would it specialize in i.e Link Joker and lock, Kagero and retiring. Go into as much detail as you want.

Mine would be Temporal Loopers. Which would have the ability to superior call a certain card after a certain number of turns.

e.x. Temporal Knight Phil

Grade 3:

Power 11000

LB4: [Deck] Place this card into the bindzone. After 2 turns ride this card.

ACT: CB2: Send a temporal Looper from the deck to the bindzone and call it to a rear guard circle after 1 turn.

Auto: This card gets 2000 power for each Temporal Looper in the Bindzone