Hi, this is my 10th blog, now about Limit Break, LegionStride and Generation Break .

Limit Break

Introduced in TD05 and TD06, limit break has gained its popularity for its various reasons.


  1. Some skills can be activated without paying any costs, ie. counterblast, soulblast, discard, retiring allies, etc.
  2. Gives access to killer moves.
  3. Ultimate breaks can finish games fast.
  4. The higher the cost, the deadlier the limit break.


  1. Heal triggers may deny certain limit breaks.
  2. One critical = NEED HEALS! In other words, they must beware of criticals by triggers or skills.
  3. You sometimes need to have damage takers to activate the limit break or prevent heals from deactivating them. More importantly, limit break enablers!


Introduced in TD14 and TD15, they can delay deck outs.


  1. You can cheat by returning triggers or certain cards like Sentinels or cards needed for Legion activation.
  2. Even if you have no damage you still have over 20k power.
  3. Skills requiring you to perform Legion can be used. (There are lots of them, though.)


  1. Usable for once per game. (Can be solved by riding a different Legion card.)
  2. You need to have 4 copies of the mate for higher chances of finding them, or else it will be failure.
  3. Blaster Joker was so annoying!


Introduced by Harmonics Messiah, which was a promo card.


  1. Triple drive = more hand size.
  2. Can overexceed 30k or even more.
  3. Trolls Deletors a lot.
  4. Makes quintets slightly more useless.
  5. Takes the name of your hearts, which means skills that were dependant to some names will remain active.


  1. Vanguard in Legion = removes Legion state, which was disadvantageous to some cards.
  2. Once per G-unit.
  3. Cannot trigger break rides.
  4. Heart cannot be used for soulblast.
  5. Not enough card for a total grade of 3 = no stride. Some cards gets +2 grade when you were about to stride, use them to solve the problem.

Generation Break

Introduced in GTD 01 and GTD02, they make us less dependant to damage zone and drop zone.


  1. GB1 is 20% stronger than LB4, the same to GB2 as it's also 20% stronger than LB5 with certain cost.
  2. GB2 has no cost or cheap cost for killer effects.
  3. No need Limit Break enablers and drop zone for Legion.


  1. Some situations prevent you from performing Stride.
  2. Starters with GB1 often got sent off from the field before you can Stride to use GB.


Introduced in GBT02, Resist was made to fend off rearguard killers.


  1. Clans that excel at destroying rearguards will have hard time killing them.
  2. You can retain your full field.


  1. Naru have cards that can hit multiple rearguards in one shot, meaning that Big Bang Knuckle Buster can knockout even the cards with Resist.
  2. Cards with "Retire/Bind/Lock... etc all your opponent's rearguards" penetrates those guys.
  3. Some skills can be activated if you don't sacrifice your rearguards.


Again, it's up to you guys because different people, different taste, feeling, view and strategies. Worse, Bushiroad will keep introducing new skills.