YAY!!! More Genesis support confirmed!!....and other clans i care about....imma talk about what id like to see for the 3 clans i play: Genesis, Nubatama, and Dark Irregulars. 

im gonna try to keep things in the realm of realism, but be a little optimism

1. Genesis-As some might know, this is my favorite clan, so my eyes always light up when support is confirmed. That being said, im torn.

Bushiroad showed us a new Minerva, which tells us for sure that Misaki may be getting her own "Destiny" and "Purge" (which is pretty dope). However....Minerva is not only my least favorite Genesis boss, but she's also a Regalia, which is outdated, and i mean REALLY outdated. if they want to really entice people with Regalia in any way, they kinda need to revamp the subclan completely. This isnt too hard, they gave Overlord 2 solid G2s and G1s, which can follow suit for Regalia. Also, Destiny plays well with any stride, which again, can and should follow suit with Minerva. ill keep my eyes open for sure

oh, and maybe a Regalia G Guard to make Urthr not clunky

Now Amaruda. in my opinion, she only really needs 5 cards to make things work: a card of each grade with the revelation ability, with the G0 being a Belial Owl of sorts. that card doesnt need to be good, but having revelation can go a long way. As far as G3s are concerned, im making a fairly bold prediction with this one, but i feel that a RR Revenger, Slay Hex Dragon for Amaruda coming on. Amaruda is a really good card; thats just fact. and adding that extra consistency to both riding Amaruda and keeping Revelation cards in soul for her alternate stride cost might be enough. as far as G1s are concerned, if a Slay Hexes comes out, we wouldnt need an Abyssal Owl clone, but still need another G1 with the keyword. Same with G2. another VC Revelation like Ninil can def go a long way, but unlike Ninil, id like it to have a less "meh" RC ability. 

and another Revelation stride would be welcome....

And as much as i want my avatar to return to me, im afraid i must accept his imprisonment for the foreseeable future. RIP Fenrir

2. Nubatama-I think Bushiroad hit it out of the park with Domination. Taking control of other player's cards as a mechanic isnt really fresh, but Bushiroad managed to make it feel fresh by making the deck revolve around Domination in a very thought out manner. i would like Bushiroad to keep supporting Domination, especially since Shiranui still has the ability of Domination in the lore. 

When it comes to Afterimage, going off what we saw in GBT-12, its not too hard to make Afterimage cards that dont clunk up the set as a whole, and it would be absolutely hilarious if the new Shiranui worked like Rising Great Star and become a G3 rearguard that dominated on placement and also had afterimage to re use that on call. Maybe im stretching, maybe not, but its a nice thought. i look forward to it regardless. (in case youre wondering, i found great joy in using Domination. a lot more than i thought i would)

3. Dark Irregulars-Ok, so this one is more up Future's alley, but i use it, too, so whatever.

Ok, so it kinda feels like Darkness was treated so well in GBT-11 that it seems hard to top that. maybe another G2 or G1, a stride is definitely coming up, but i feel the engine is strong overall. Do i think another Scharhrot is gonna be in this set? honestly, i dunno. its really hard to say, but its a nice thought

Now....Gastille, the mastermind behind the plan to revive Gyze. What an oddity. He's the one who gave the power of Domination to Shiranui, but he still has the ability to do so (check the lore in regards to Luard). If his deck will follow the keyword of Domination, it can feel weird to see both him and Shiranui using it in the same set. as long as the deck can follow through with the fairly fast rate of building soul that other current builds can perform, i think we'll have a hit on our hands

ok, so those are some thoughts, what are yours? what do you want to see for these clans in this set?