Vanguard Fight Circuit is also known as VF Circuit or Cardfight Vanguard Asia Circuit Hen. This circuit invites teams within Asia who have special Cardfight skills and allow them to show their skills around every part of Asia. The Circuit is organized by Takuto Tatsunagi, the chairman of Tatsunagi Foundation.


  • Only invited teams can participate.
  • With the invitation the team can participate at any stage they want.
  • Each stage has its special rules.
  • The winning team will get the chance to meet the organizer of the Circuit.
  • The team should have have minimum 3 members.
  • Only one stage can exist, when a stage has been completed, another one shall then exist.





Hong Kong



Stage 1: Singapore Stage


  • Name and information regarding to current opponent team will be kept secret.
  • All matches will be played at the same time.
  • All the opponents will be kept unseen i.e. you can fight with any of the member of that team.
  • Result of the player will be secret from other team members.


On Screen Match Result
Team 1 Team 2 Points

Team Q4 (Win)

Team Ninja 2 to 1
Team Q4 (Win) Team Divination 3 to 0
Team Q4 Team S.I.T. Genius(Win) 1 to 2
Team Caesar Team S.I.T. Genius (Win) 3 to 0

Stage 2: Seoul Stage


  • It's a one day tournament.
  • The special rules of each fights will be different for each match and can affect either an individual cardfight or all three at once.
  • All players of the team shall fight at the same time.
  • The name of the opponent team will be revealed just before the match.


On Screen Match Result
Team 1 Team 2 Points

Team Q4 (Win)

Team Seven Seas 3 to 0
Team New Asteroid (Win) Team Movie Stars 3 to 0
Team New Asteroid (Win) Team Q4 3 to 0
Team New Asteroid (Win) Team Caesar 2 to 1

Special Rules

  • Fight 1: Team Q4 vs Team Seven Seas
    • ​Aichi's Fight: Players can do a drive trigger check for each of their attacking unit. But to control the amount of cards in one's hand, only the vanguard gets to keep their drive trigger cards, rear guard drive checks must go to the bottom of the deck during the close step after that unit attacked.
    • Misaki's Fight: Players have 30 seconds to complete their whole turn. If a player takes more than 30 seconds, it immediately moves to the End Phase of the turn and forfetting any attacks or actions not made during the turn.
    • Kamui's Fight: Blind Attack, each cardfighter cannot see the position of his opponent's field in terms of attack target, each target's location is randomized (i.e. The vanguard can end up on the left) and shuffles around after each turn. When each fighter attacks, they must declare a location whether a unit is there or not (if not then the attack fails). Once the attack target is revealed, the other player can declare guards.
  • Fight 2: Team New Asteroid vs Team Movie Stars
  • Unknown rule
  • Fight 3: Team New Asteroid vs Team Q4
    • Each Player starts with 2 damage and loses at 8 damage.
    • Counter Blast can be performed from the begining of the fight if possible.
  • Fight 4: Team New Asteroid vs Team Caesar
    • Each player can only stand up to 3 rear guard units during their own Stand Phase. The Vanguard will still stand.

Stage 3: Hong Kong Stage


  • All fights will be played with the "Tag Fight Rules".
  • The team that reaches 9 damage in total first will lose the fight.
  • The fighter who starts last can attack first.
  • Team will fight in pairs.
  • Fighters can only attack the fighter in front of him/her.
  • Partners can guard, soul blast and counter blast for their partner but cannot attack during the other member's turn.
  • Unit skills only affect the player and his or her target (for example, Silent Tom can be blocked by a Grade 0 from your opponent's partner). This also affects perfect guard units. However, Skills that apply to all cardfighters can affect the partner and the opponents partner as well.
  • Partners are forbidden from seeing each other's cards in hand.


On Screen Match Result
Team 1 Team 2

Team Q4 (Win)

Team Lao
Team Q4 (Win) Unknown Team
Team Q4 (Win) Team Battle Weeds
Team Q4 Team Dreadnought (Win)

Stage 4: Japan Stage


  • All the matches will be played as one on one
  • All the matches will be played within 3 stadiums.
  • Each member of a team has to go to the different stadium.
  • Each member in different stadiums will play as an individual and gain 1 point each for their team by winning their matches. At the end of the day, the team with the most points are declared the winner of the Stage.
  • It is possible that each member get to fight players which are not from same team.
  • The special reserves known as Team Unknown will also participate in the stage but not for winning but to make it more challenging for teams to acquire points.

Team Unknown - Team Unknown comprise of many powerful fighters from different teams which are specially invited for Japan Stage to make it more challenging for teams to gain points. Team comprises of:


Winning Teams
Team Stage Final Point Psy Qualia Possession

Team S.I.T. Genius

Singapore 3/3 Christopher Lo
Team New Asteroid (Win) Seoul 2/3 Ren Suzugamori
Team Dreadnought Hong Kong 1/1 Leon Soryu
Team Q4 Japan 3/3 Aichi Sendou

Winner's Gallery

Untitled picture

Team SIT Genius getting the trophy

New al4

Team New Asteroid after winning the circuit


Team Dreadnought getting to the limo after winning.