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Welcome to the Cardfight Vanguard Deck Help & Discussion Forum. This is a place for community help for Cardfighters and their Decks. To add a new topic, please type the title in the box below and click "add new topic".

Please keep posts constructive & Please Sign All Posts With ~~~~ as it creates a signature for you

If you would like to place a decklist in a query, please use the following: -template link goes here-. Using this template can help to keep the decklists organized and clean, while keeping the space used in each query to a minimum.

Topic Last Edit Last Author
Dark Irregulars Building Advice(Amon/Reijy)20:11, August 2, 2013BlackCat713
OTT and Nubatama!?17:08, October 28, 2012SilverOfL
Resks' Set 1 Think Tank Deck17:09, May 5, 2012Crackers the sparrow
Kagero - Early Retirement21:13, May 3, 2012Crackers the sparrow
Megacolony - ESD Pauper version09:41, March 16, 2012Spike Seyfried
Megacolony - Electronic Surveilance Devices22:25, March 3, 2012Spike Seyfried
Nova Grapple Stand Spam01:03, February 23, 2012Sevwyn
Lohengrin RP03:09, February 16, 201224.163.72.172
Pale Moon19:22, January 18, 201224.163.72.172
Shadow Paladin, what I use.21:40, January 12, 201224.163.72.172
"Quality Over Quantity" Pale Moon19:23, January 12, 2012Otakon7
Uncoventional Dark Irregulars15:22, January 12, 201224.163.72.172
Big soul Pale Moon13:28, January 12, 201224.163.72.172

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