"Vote" (โหวต H̄owt) is a keyword exclusive to The Mask Collection clan, and introduced in Thailand Trial Deck 1: The Mask Collection.

How it Works

A "Vote" ability checks at the beginning of each check timing if the sum of the grades of your cards that were drive checked in total during this turn is equal to or greater than the stated number on the ability whether they come from one or multiple attacks.

Once the condition is checked as fulfilled, the ability activates once, and will not activate again for the rest of the turn. Therefore, as soon as your vanguard performs a drive check, and a card is revealed, if the condition is fulfilled by that drive check, the effect takes place immediately before the remaining checks are made.

If a condition had been fulfilled during the same turn, when you place a unit with the vote ability that has the fulfilled number to a circle, that unit's vote ability will activate right after it is placed.

List of Cards

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4