Yuichirou Kanzaki is a character in Cardfight!! Vanguard G and the main antagonist of Season 1 of Cardfight Vanguard G. He is the director of the United Sanctuary branch, and is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.


His family name, Kanzaki is written with the kanji "神" (Kami), means god and "崎" (Saki), which means promontory. This probably reflects his behavior of despising the weak, and his overwhelming power.

His name, Yuichirou can mean many things depending on how it is written, but "Ichirou" usually means "first son", though the name is written in katakana, so it doesn't really have any meaning.


He has light-purple toned long hair which is very messy and has a light blue shading in his eyes. He usually wears dark colored clothes (usually black and dark red).


Kanzaki despises the weak, even telling the ex-national champion Toyoyama that he "doesn't deserve to be called champion" after he shows a weak play on his standards. He puts victory above anything else. His ideals come from his obsessive desire to defeat a Gear Chronicle user who wielded a "God like unit" which he considered a miracle.

He has shown interest in Chrono Shindou after learning he was the only person from Team TRY3 to defeat someone from Team Demise, stating that if he has power, they would eventually meet.


Pre-G Season 1

Seven years before the events of G Season 1, Kanzaki was testing the GIRS prototype system as a monitor, and engaged Ryuzu Myoujin in a cardfight. During the fight, he saw his opponent summon a physical unit to the field through his own imagination, and was promptly defeated. Believing that to be the absolute apex of a vanguard fighter's strength, he vowed to become just as strong and see the miracle again for himself.

To that end, Kanzaki was eventually promoted to director of the United Sanctuary Branch. During that time, he received, through a mysterious letter, five Depend Cards. Seeking to awaken them and recreate Ryuzu's miracle, he began, with Ibuki's help, a special program designed to strengthen other cardfighters and their imagination.

G Season 1

In the anime, Kanzaki first appeared in G Episode 27: Yuichirou Kanzaki. He participated in the exhibition match with the ex-national champion of the Vanguard tournament; Toyoyama from Team Grace Gaia. Toyoyama at first appears to corner Kanzaki, putting him on 5 damage, even appearing to drive him to tears, until Kanzaki angrily declares that Toyoyama is too weak to call himself champion. He then performs Stride and manages to swiftly catch up with the cards he saved in his hand, even managing to increase it further to a point where Toyoyama cannot break through. He eventually defeats the champion with Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon.

After his victory, he is asked to address the crowd, declaring that 'weakness is a sin' and that the weak should just leave, but not before saying he looks forward to seeing who manages to win.

He is not seen again until Kouji Ibuki delivers a report to him regarding Team Demise's performance. There he learns about Chrono Shindou's victory over one of its members. He calls him 'the legend who will change the world' and says that if he has power, he looks forward to meeting him in the future.

When the United Sanctuary Branch sponsors a Vanguard tournament, he is there to give a speech to the participants. His words, however, seem to be directed more towards the followers of the United Sanctuary in attendance, reiterating that weakness is a sin and promising a new future for the victorious. He then declares the start of the tournament with the opening words, 'Stand up, Vanguard!'.

After hearing the members of Team TRY3, specifically Chrono, challenge the United Sanctuary's customs and beliefs, he accepts their challenge and uses a special version of the GIRS System to fight the members of Team TRY3 all at once. He rebuts their claims, claiming that strength lies in abandoning unnecessary emotions and feelings, such as the heart: a fact he learned after losing to Ryuzu. He then claims creating the "miracle card" he saw back then is his true goal.

Before the day of Team Demise's Special Match with Team TRY3, Ibuki tells him that Kanzaki has been called to a meeting of the Branch Leaders. He allows Ibuki to deal with it, but then warns Ibuki that he knows that his right-hand man has an ulterior motive for staying by his side, but allows him to stay since he is strong. Ibuki then replies that he has also found the meaning of Kanzaki's existence, which is why he has stayed.

He is also present on the day of the match, watching as Rin Hashima and Shouma Shinonome lose in succession. However, before the third match begins, Ibuki steals the miracle card, or Depend Card, and the matches are temporarily postponed. When Team TRY3 and Kamui Katsuragi break into the lab, he finds them along with a note Ibuki left behind, taunting him. He quickly laughs off the wrench in his plans, explaining about the Depend Card and how his use of the United Sanctuary Fighter's imagination to create it, since it is but a blank card when in the hands of someone without power. He then decides to let events happen naturally; since he knows who stole the Depend Card, he knows exactly where to find it.

When the matches resume, as Chrono battles Taiyou, he remembers the opponent he lost to on that day used Gear Chronicle, just like Chrono. He then challenges the boy to a fight, which he accepts. During the clash, Kanzaki silently urges Chrono to show him a miracle, but as the fight progresses, nothing particularly extraordinary happens, save for fighting reasonably evenly with Kanzaki. Expressing his disgust, he Strides into the G-Unit he never needed to use in their previous fight, Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed, aiming to seal the game then and there. Chrono however defends against his attack, but leaves himself with no hand. Even so, Chrono manages to stage a comeback, first drawing a Grade 3 to Stride into Chronodragon Nextage and finally revealing enough triggers to break through Kanzaki's defense, as well as dealing the final 2 damage needed to win. During that turn, Chrono's power of imagination manifests Chronojet Dragon into the real world, finally creating the miracle Kanzaki had been seeking. He remembers his fight with Ryuzu and finally, accepting that his ideals were beaten by Team TRY3's, announces that he intends to resign as Branch Chief. He then leaves, aiming to become strong enough to be worthy of claiming the miracle for himself.

G Season 3 (Stride Gate)

Kanzaki is not seen again until the Stride Gate arc, where it is revealed he has moved to the mountains to train. Chrono and Taiyou seek him out, looking for more clues regarding the Depend Cards. Following a series of stone statues of Aurageyser Dragon and Aurageyser Doomed, they find Kanzaki carving a large outline into a rock face. At first, he believes he has nothing of value to tell them and tells them to leave, since Chrono succeeded in fully awakening one of the Depend Cards, but Chrono informs him that Ryuzu had awakened at least seven more, and had died, but was revived. Shocked by the news, he allows the two to train with him, carving stone statues of their own. Their attempts at a first carving are crude, which he attributes to self-doubt.

That evening while preparing dinner, he explains to Chrono that imagination powerful enough to whittle away at a fighter's life, as well as a large amount of Stride Force, is needed to summon and control a unit from a Depend Card, expressing his lack of surprise Ryuzu died from summoning so many, but also by bypassing natural laws from their power by being reborn again.

Later, as Chrono ponders Kanzaki's words and Taiyou begins rebuilding his deck, he notices the boy is having trouble on card selection, and advises him to listen to the card's voice to create the most optimal and natural deck. He also advises Chrono that Ryuzu and Company would most likely target the various branches, to bring judgment to his enemies and to those monitoring him. With those words, he sends the pair off, telling them not to return and interrupt his training again.



Kanzaki uses a Shadow Paladin deck, with cards from G Booster Set 3: Sovereign Star Dragon. His main vanguard is Supremacy Dragon, Claret Sword Dragon. He seems to favor holding cards back early and generating hand advantage in the early game before suddenly finishing the opponent all at once with the options he conserves, utilizing powerful attackers such as Night Sky Eagle and his main G-Unit, Aurageyser Dragon.


Kanzaki's deck is rebuilt for his final match with Chrono, focusing on increasing his formation and his hand, as well as his final ace Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Doomed.



Kanzaki with Chrono and Taiyou

Kanzaki with Chrono and Taiyou


  • (JP): "You're so weak, it saddens me!"
  • (EN): "Your weakness brings me to tears!"
  • (JP): "Generation Zone, released! I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth! True power, come to me! Transcend!"
  • (JP): "Weakness is a sin! The weak should go home! Only the strong can grab glory! I look forward to the victory of the noble warriors."
  • (EN): "Liberating the Generation Zone! From a place beyond existence. Foolish Pride! True strength, flow into me! Transcend!"
  • (EN): "Liberating the Generation Zone! From a place beyond existence. True strength is what I'm after! Transcend!"
  • (EN): "From a place beyond existence. True strength, lay waste to the world! TRANSCEND!"


Record (Season 5)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Toyoyama Turn 27 Win
Ryuzu Myoujin (Flashback) Turn 38 Lose
Chrono Shindou, Shion Kiba, and Tokoha Anjou Turn 38 Win
Chrono Shindou Turn 46 Lose


  • In the Japanese anime, he is the first character to say "Chōetsu", as opposed of "Stride Generation" during Stride.
    • Ryuzu Myojin, the man Kanzaki was obsesed with defeating, also used "Chōetsu" so it's likely that Kanzaki picked up using the word from Ryuzu.
  • In the English Dub of the Anime, the line "Transcend" was kept, and he was the first Character to use it instead of "Generation Stride"
  • Similar to Chrono, he tends to use Japanese words for his attack name instead of English.
  • At the end of Chrono and Ryuzu's final fight in Stride Gate, his stride force takes the form of Aurageyser Doomed, a grade 4 G unit while other character's stride forces take the form of their respectively grade 3 avatars, a fact that set him apart from other characters.